From “What Next?” to “Where Next?”

What Next?

The question we absolutely love or rather the question people who are slightly older enough love to ask the younger enough generation. I am not averse to this question, as I have been answering it all my life. Recently I have decided to take a break from the professional race. Hence, when I said I would rather prefer you ask me where next, people were flabbergasted.

“What do you mean you don’t want to work for the next few months? Are you crazy?
Do a French or Spanish course, apply for a university and get a PhD, you are wasting your time, make use of this time, get married and have a kid” are just the tip of the crazy suggestions I have received. I haven’t yet reached my BIG 3-0. I completed a bachelors degree, a masters’ degree, worked with 3 different companies for 2 and half years and ran my own company for about 3 years and it’s funny that people still think I am wasting my time. Then again, there are some awesome people who wished me luck and hoped I will have amazing fun. Thank you for supporting me and for not thinking I have gone off the rails.

FullSizeRender (1)

Here’s an answer to the questions of people who have difficulties in understanding my incomprehensible decision to travel around. Yes, I will not have the six figure salary for a while and I will probably start below my actual qualification when I get back to the grind but this time, the time I am taking off to pursue a dream that I seem to have for the past 7 years is much more valuable. I am not losing time or qualification rather I am experiencing something beyond words. In just one month, I have met over 15 people from different nationalities, interacted with them, ate and had fun with them, understood their culture while sharing mine, laughed at the stereotypes we all seemed to have. Well that multi-cultural experience we get by going to a B-school or working abroad, there you go, I have it. I got my introduction into the amazing world of diving, spoke to a monk about why it is important for him to become one. I have experienced eating bugs and understood that rat meat is super delicious to some people along the Mekong delta (I didn’t dare try it yet). I have been asked to get out in much more ruder words in Vietnam while some others of the same country smiled and understood what I am going through.

Being the lonely traveler, I was scared at times, I panicked sometimes but more importantly I got through everything. I am glad to have made this choice. If anyone of you wants to join me in this amazing journey, please do. All I want to say is this journey makes me strong, open-minded, independent and lastly it makes me HAPPY.

Finally, I am glad to add broken Thai and broken Vietnamese to my resume in the languages section now. For the next few months, ask me “where to next?” and I will send you a postcard or well if you are one of those awesome people I have mentioned above, I will send you an amazing local trinket.
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  1. Sartenada · June 14, 2015

    I have never studied, but does not prevent me blogging in four languages which are not my mother languages.

    Congratulations for Your bachelors degree and masters’ degree. I am happy for You.

    Liked by 1 person

    • localtravelista · June 14, 2015

      Thank you..
      I believe learning happens from all things in life. Sadly, few people I know do not understand this. By the way you blog in four languages that are not your own.. Damn! You are awesome do you know that?


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