Finding your soul.. Easier said than done #travel

When someone asks me why do you travel, I always point the reason to be soul searching or finding myself or some deep meaning words that I have no understanding about. To speak of I am not very spiritual or worldly and I am not even sure I have an awareness of some supreme being etc etc etc. So why do I travel?

Well this tricky question has a simple answer.. To run away. Makes me sound cowardly isn’t it? But that’s the truth. When the school is done, I run away to escape the what next questions because I am not sure I even have drop in the ocean knowledge about the world and I don’t know what my degree exactly taught me. When I am too vexed with my work, I run away, to de-stress, to find the inspiration to go back to work, to non-monotonous routine that will fill my already dry creative well up. When things get too much at home, I run away, so I don’t lose my cool and unnecessarily say a word I cannot take back, to avoid the confrontation that will lead to heartbreak and give some distance that will make me realize what exactly the problem is.. There are many reasons to why I travel and it primarily boils down to one.


Did you ever feel this way? That you can get lost in the world where no one knows you.. Nurse your battle wounds and come back a winner? Did you ever soak up the sunset and realize you have an amazing life with people who love you?

I don’t travel to get away.. I travel to come back home!


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